The Amazon, fresco realized at «Et Pourquoi Pas Un Festival? #4» in Grenoble France in October 2017.

Concept of the festival : collection of lyrics, we ask a question to passersby in the street and we listen. The question was this year: “Have you ever felt out of step?”

The text written on the wall next to the pink flamingo is a combination of the different collections of lyrics of several women. The new text was rewritten by mixing their sentences.

Text written in french on the second part of the fresco: “On se sent hors-normes quand on se laisse emporter par les événements, j’aime cultiver mon originalité. Les gens se parlent à cause de moi. Ça amène des questions et une insistance de la part des autres qui m’a fait me sentir hors code social. Je me moque du regard des autres, je fais les choses pour moi et c’est tout !!! Avant j’avais le permis poids lourds et un jour à la frontière le garde ne voulait pas le croire, il a fait sortir tous ses collègues pour qu’ils puissent me voir et voir mes papiers. Aujourd’hui je change de vie et je monte ma société de téléphone rose, je l’assume pleinement mais je sais que je suis en décalé par rapport a la morale”

Translation : “You feel out of the norm when you get carried away by events, I like to cultivate my originality. People talk to each other because of me. It brings questions and an insistence on the part of others that made me feel outside the social code. I don’t care about other people’s eyes, I do things for myself and that’s it!! Before I had the truck license and one day at the border the guard wouldn’t believe it, he took out all his colleagues so they could see me and see my papers. Today I am changing my life and I am setting up my phone company, I take full responsibility for it but I know that I am out of line with morality”

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