Multidisciplinary painter, street-artist, stencilist, with a pronounced taste for mixing genres, Monsieur S plays with different universes. The expression of his creation is multiple, constantly experimenting with new possibilities on various media. His will and his aesthetic spirit are highlighted by the juxtaposition of several techniques such as spray paint (spray paint), the use of posca, stencils, adhesives, gluing, acrylic paint with brush or roller… The environment becomes the canvas. Everything around it is transformable and transformed. Beyond the walls, he likes to use metal supports, wood, canvases, etc. In large format. It transcends painting thanks to the use of unusual supports. Materials and materials are reinvented and diverted.

Resolutely contemporary, his works carry meaning and can charm as much the specialized galleries, passers-by, as the underground environment. Inspired by his travels, by history or mythology, by the street and society, his work crosses times and places. He juggles with the ephemeral, through frescoes, and the sustainability of his art, thanks to his works on canvas that actively participate in the post-graffiti movement…

Born in Clermont-Ferrand in the early 1980s, Yann Charrier has always been a fan of art and visual creation in the broad sense. Since childhood, he has devoted a great deal of time to learning and practising drawing.

Passionate about music and hip-hop culture, he embarks on deejaying and has been active on the French hip-hop scene since the late 1990s. Passionate about beatbox, he excels behind a microphone and evolves in this universe that sweeps the codes and surprises at every turn.

The encounter with graffiti is natural, and Yann Charrier becomes Monsieur S, fascinated by the gigantism and the multiplicity of possible techniques. His first frescoes are made on abandoned farm walls. His urban art asserts itself with age, becomes expressive, colorful, in his image. Monsieur S is a luminous and curious artist, who likes to transmit and share, through workshops or collaborations with other artists.

«I was immediately attracted by the artistic side of graffiti, calligraphic research, the size of the frescoes. The only rule was that there was no rule.»

Areas of Focus :

The years pass, and Monsieur S continues to touch everything:

  • Organization or participation in exhibitions
    He is received , by the gallery Rue de l’ART, with his friend MITE for an exhibition where everyone was able to present a dozen works in the form of a face to face. And in 2016 he is guest of honor of the Salon Des Arts in Chaponost.
  • Execution of public or private comissioned works
    Notably at the Canson paper mill, for various Greater Lyon town halls, or at the Mercure Hotel in Charbonnières-les-Bains, which ordered twelve frescoes during the room renovation.
  • Invited to festivals
    He never missed an opportunity to participate in the street art festival «The Expo de Ouf» organized by the Bullshit association in Nîmes, or for example the «Zoo Art Show XXL» in Lyon.
  • Performing live With professionals and companies, Mr S has painted for the Paris Air Show and for companies specialized in events.

Artistic experience :

The artistic side of graffiti and the love of beautiful letters lead him to perfect himself in calligraphic art. Self-taught, encounters with some stencil artists open new doors and a range of possibilities that make sense and open perceptions of work to infinity. Drawing, measuring, cutting, the stencil technique is a true work of lace, precise and millimetre :

« Making a stencil is like an outlet for me, some people play sports or read, I cut. ».

At the age of 30, he graduated as a painter and decorator with the “Compagnons du Tour de France” , which allowed him to enrich his skills to tackle large murals.
His creations range from large-format pixel art to photo-realistic stencils, inspired by everyday urban scenes, through portrait and geometric calligraphy. He likes to decline his perception of urban life, of the world around him.
In recent years, he has set foot in the world of decor. He creates frescoes with abstract atmospheres for Escape Games. He organizes workshops and performances, creates sets and customises interiors.
Through his works, he can in turn tell a story, make live an emotion or denounce injustices or societal inequalities. An engaged and prolific artist, Monsieur S is fond of geometric forms, in turn luminously dark or acidulous…