Street Art attracts, fascinates, and is an integral part of contemporary art. The new methods of this urban art arouse a keen interest of young and old alike. The transmission of knowledge is one of the pillars of hip hop culture and it is quite naturally that Monsieur S offers workshops for all ages.


Objectives of the workshops

  • Develop the skills and creativity of all by providing appropriate tools and supports
  • Propose activities that bring the link, meaning, collaboration
  • Propose activities that bring the link, meaning, collaboration
  • Promoting urban culture and highlighting the world of graffiti
  • Promoting social cohesion and group communication…

Formulas adapted to your needs

  • Participatory frescoes
  • Introductory courses in stencil and street art
  • Group projects…

Mixing art and pedagogy, Mr S knows how to listen to the needs and desires of all.


For any request :
An idea, a theme proposition, and a technical solution.


Why ?

Offering workshops is also and especially out of a taste for collective work and collaboration :

  • For the sake of transmission, through art and orality, in a desired dynamic of exchange and sharing.
  • Valuation based on co-participation and co-construction.
  • Promote art by allowing the emergence of the skills of everyone.
  • Express yourself freely in a secure setting.
  • Understand urban culture, learn about graffiti and its values.

Who for ?

The urban arts are an incredible tool for highlighting the existing, embellishing the walls, stimulating the imaginary, creating links between participants, and bringing out individual and collective skills.

The workshops are aimed at any audience, any age, preference will be given to the use of brushes and acrylic paint for the youngest. Intergenerational, intercultural (companies and works councils, schools, social donors, social centres, MJC, ITEP, IME, retirement homes, etc.).


How ? / the unfolding

The methods of intervention are adaptable, according to the needs and the budget previously defined.

Choose the modalities of time, place and size of the fresco, the universe and the theme you wish to express and highlight. Possibility of production in public or live, during public or private events.

Monsieur S has an innate talent for animation and group management. He combines art and playfulness, providing his dynamism and ideas.

The artist provides the equipment (spray paint, stencils, masks and protective covers, etc.).

The various workshops offered

Monsieur S combines his talents and good humour to get you to participate while trying, alongside him, various graffiti techniques.

  • Animation and initiation workshops, for beginners or advanced, in the form of more or less long courses.
  • Participatory murals, more or less large.
  • Estimated ideal duration (from the definition of the theme and the sketch to the complete realization, and according to the size of the fresco) : one week.
  • Specificity : The artist has a predilection for the use of stencils, technique adapted to any audience. Learn how to cut, chisel stencils, use aerosol cans safely…

The advantage of stencil? Everyone can leave with a painting thanks to this technique that allows small and medium formats, unlike wall frescoes.

Possibles options

You do not have a pre-existing support? Possibility of carrying a 12m long palisade within the chosen place.
Modular service for any type of performance: The artist can come with this support, which allows to hang boards or install a tarpaulin if you want to keep the work.

Workshop’s example

Monsieur S set up a participatory workshop in collaboration with the association La Source, and ADSEA07 (Departmental Association for the Safeguarding of Children) which helps adolescents in difficulty. Sensitive to this type of cause, he likes to share his talents and creativity in order to promote access to culture and to develop the skills and creativity of people sometimes far from the art world. Guiding and supervising a group of young people, he was able to create with their assistance a mural that delighted the participants and the inhabitants, on the theme of cinema, staging characters eponymous of mythical films (Darth Vader, Frankenstein…), using trompe-l’oeil, stencils, and paint.


For more information or to set up a workshop :